Hotspot Shield Adds Malware Protection

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HotspotShield, the popular free VPN service, recently added malware protection for its users. The new HotspotShield malware protection function alerts users if they access domains that are known to contain malware. The add-on is available on Windows, Mac and iOS and uses a database of more than 3 million sites.

Speaking about the new feature, David Gorodyansky, the founder, and CEO of AnchorFree, said:

“Malware is one of the biggest threats on the Web — and it’s growing every day. People go to great lengths to avoid desktop viruses, but many of us still leave our browsing sessions unprotected and open to hacking attacks. Merging our powerful encryption and private browsing technology with malware protection now makes Hotspot Shield the world’s most comprehensive Internet security solution — available at no cost to consumers.”

How the HotspotShield malware protection works

When active HotspotShield protection module throws up a warning like the one you see in the screenshot below:

HotspotShield malware protection

There are two options in the upper right corner of a blocked page:

  • Get me out of here that redirects the users to a little known search engine for similar results.
  • Go to the real site that is not recommend for obvious reasons.

Get more with the Elite version

The Elite version of the Hotspot Shield, ad-free and bandwidth-prioritized, offers additional protection against trojans, phishing and spam sites.


To sum up, HotspotShield not only encrypts your connection and changes your visible IP address. AnchorFree introduced the new HotspotShield malware protection that blocks potentially dangerous sites, keeping your computer safe from hackers. Enjoy!

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