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Every time a new hide IP tool reaches the market, I’m happy to announce it and write about it. This time is about a special tool called HideIPVPN, a VPN service that also offers free accounts! Learn how to get HideIPVPN free.

HideIPVPN hides your IP address (using VPN technology) and exposes UK or US IP addresses instead of your real one. This allows you to unblock a lost of restricted sites and protect your online privacy.

HideIPVPN Free

HideIPVPN Features

HideIpVPN main features:

  • No logs are kept.
  • It provides high-speed internet connection
  • Encrypts and compresses all traffic including Email, IRC, FTP, DNS, VOIP, instant messengers.
  • Bypasses your ISP’s traffic shaping.
  • Hides your tracks from internet monitoring or web filtering apps like Websense, Barracuda, etc.
  • Your IP is hidden while using HideIPVPN.com.
  • Works on Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, Linux, etc.
  • Easy to install and use.

Why is HideIPVPN special?

  • It is, as far as I know, the only  free VPN service that offers both UK and UK IPs
  • Unblocks Hulu (I just checked) and other restricted US sites
  • Unblocks BBC iPlayer (also checked) and other restricted UK sites

How to start using HideIPVPN free?

In order to get your IP hidden with HideIPVPN you need to create an account. Go to the free VPN page and access the link to the account creation page.

The setup is very simple as the VPN services use PPTP protocol. To see how to do it for your operating system go to Howto/Setup page.

Premium HideIPVPN

For those that need more security, HideIpVPN offers a premium service:

  • Offers complete privacy and anonymity by using OpenVPN (more secure and stable than PPTP)
  • Anonymous US and UK IP addresses!

In order to maintain the quality of their service, the number of both free and premium accounts is limited. So, hurry up, to get your US/UK VPN account!

Super Premium VPN Package

HideIpVPN proposes the Super Premium Package with 20 servers located in United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and the Netherlands, all allowing PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and Proxy connections. It’s an excellent choice for those interested in different connection options and wants to use servers from a different location.

HideIpVPN P2P/Torrent VPN Package

Another new package is the one that allows P2P/Torrent connections with servers located in the Netherlands. This is for those looking for more anonymity downloading from torrents.

How can you benefit from a HideIPVPN German VPN?

Firstly, you may secure you Internet while traveling in Germany. Consider the case of free WiFi hotspots from airports. Surely, you don’t want to connect to such a free hotspot without the protection of a VPN. By connecting to a server located in Germany you will get acceptable Internet speed.

Secondly, you can access German restricted content. With such a VPN you can watch Das Erste, DSF, KI.KA, 3sat, ARTE, NDR (with regional options) and even Zattoo Germany with 94 Live FREE Streaming Television and Radio Channels.

HideIPVPN German VPN

Zattoo.com/de has developed a software program that allows you to watch TV on your computer. The service is legal and free of charge.

With their German version, Zattoo offers 94 live FREE streaming television and radio channels; these include Das Erste, DSF, KI.KA, 3sat, ARTE, NDR (with regional options), WDR (with regional options), MDR (with regional options), Bayerisches Fernsehen, SWR, RBB, SR, Phoenix, Das Vierte, DMAX, BR Alpha, EinsPlus, EinsExtra, EinsFestival, ZDF, TV Gusto, LUXE.TV, TIMM and many more.

Thirdly, you may protect your downloads while accessing torrents. When you connect to a VPN all your Internet traffic is encrypted and your IP address is hidden. If you are located in Germany you should consider using a German VPN while downloading torrents.

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  • Jay Newton Sep 30, 2009

    L2TP free UK VPN service is available – VPN-IP .

  • Kumkum Oct 1, 2009

    Buddy help me to get one. I will be thankful to you.

  • Jan Jan 25, 2010


    Due to problems related to server attacks and account abuses, we have decided NOT offer free accounts on January 1st 2010. Stay tuned for further notices on our blog and our Twitter account.


    So this is no free service anymore for now. Time will tell.

  • patrick feenan Feb 7, 2010

    Yeah man,
    a little hat with a walking stick, but you have helped so many people on here, that you should have had a little logo showing a hand pulling a rabbit out of that hat! BECAUSE YOU ARE A MAGICIAN!

  • southern gal May 21, 2010

    update from website (all gone this week)

    From 9th of March 2010 we offer 25 free accounts per week. Keep an eye on our blog and our Twitter account to find out when they are available.

    We do not allow P2P traffic! Please read our Terms of service.
    HideIPVPN offers FREE VPN accounts on our servers located in United States and United Kingdom.

    Important! In order to maintain the quality of our service, the number of free accounts is limited. We offer about 100 new free accounts per month. Thank you for your understanding!

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