Hide Your IP When Using mIRC?

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I just found a video that says it shows how to hide your IP address in mIRC. It does not always work, but you may give it a try. Learn how to mIRC hide IP address.

[Video not available anymore]

mIRC hide IP address

Here are the steps described in the video:

1. Go to Options
2. In the Options window, go to Connect -> Options
3. Click on Perform button
4. In the box, type in: //mode $me +x
5. In the same window, check Enable perform on connect
6. Click Ok and you are done.

This is called hostmasking. Is this really working?

Not always… It seems that not all networks support hostmask hiding with +x, some you have to register for before it works. If the network you are using does not support this mode, the only way to hide your IP address is with a bnc or a proxy server.

Have you tried it? Did it work for you? Let me know! Post a comment!

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  • moi Jun 25, 2010

    Dosent work for me

  • Snorri Apr 6, 2011

    doesn’t work @ quakenet *sadface*

  • cecunguk Sep 6, 2011

    does’t work for me too

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