Hide The IP 2010 Released – 10$ Off Coupon for How-to-hide-ip Readers

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Hide The IP 2010

Hide The IP 2010 is an excellent application that is able to hide your real Internet address while browsing the Web. It allows you to easily hide your online identity, select your IP location, hide your IP in e-mail headers, surf websites which are restricted for your country and many more.

Hide The IP 2010

The new version, Hide The IP 2010, comes with:

  • a new back-end code to increase the speed of communication between client and servers
  • improved user interface
  • a basic mode window for new users was added.
  • add-on demo before buying
  • compatibility with 64 bit OS.

How to run Hide The IP 2010

Firstly, you have to download and install Hide The IP. If you are running Vista you need to have admin rights for your account. After the installation you’ll a window that will ask you to choose between the Basic and the Advanced mode. If you have never used Hide The IP before I recommend choosing the Basic mode.

In the Basic mode the only thing to have to do to change your IP address is to press the Hide My IP button.

You’ll get a fake IP address and all browsers configured to use it. You can anytime switch to Advanced mode that let’s you select the type of proxy you want to use (Transparent, Anonymous or Elite), the speed and the location of the IP address.

Hide The IP 2010 Discount For How-To-Hide-IP Readers

Hide The IP team offers a $10 discount coupon from the purchase price of Hide The IP 2010 for the How-to-hide-ip readers.

Important! The coupon is valid only if the purchase is made by credit card.

Here is how you can get the discount:

1. Go to the Hide The IP site and press Order from the menu.
2. Select your subscription (1 or 2 years) and Continue with the order.
3. In the next screen enter the coupon: AVSO-68J8-LMTR



4. Click the Update button and you’ll get the $10 discount.

5. Proceed with the following steps.

6. Enjoy!

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  • ad_infinitum Feb 9, 2010


    I’m sorry to inform you that http://www.hide-the-ip.com is blackl-listed by both my HOSTS file and my AV’s HOSTS rules (and they use different sources) for engaging in Phising.
    Getting a double alert is not looking good.


  • Ss_time Feb 10, 2010

    What is name of your antivirus ?
    This program is featured by download.com its 100 % trusted and clean.

  • ad_infinitum Feb 10, 2010


    The issue lies with the site, not necessarily with this S/W in particular.
    And it’s the HOSTS Rules of my AV flagging the site, not its scanning engine.


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