If you are trying to protect yourself from internet intruders, then this software is for built for you. Hide IP Platinum is a hide IP leading product, and it is amazingly easy to use. All you have to do is download the program and then open it. Once open, the program finds the proxy server for you and sets you up with a connection.

How to use Hide IP Platinium

Hide IP Platinium

It’s that simple to use, and your privacy and security will be maintained. There are many features that this program offers. You have the option at any time to turn the Hide IP function on/off, so if you need to use your IP for certain sites and not others, it’s possible.

Hide IP Platinium Options

With so many hackers lurking the internet nowadays a lot more people are turning to programs like this to hide there IP’s. These programs are proven to work and protect you from hackers, intruders, scammers. Think about it this way if there is a program out there to hide your IP, you think there would be a program to take your IP and do malicious things with it. All hackers need is your IP, and they can access your whole computer. Many people perform there banking duties and bill payments online, with all this precious personal information online you should think about protecting yourself.

How to purchase Hide IP Platinium

Hide IP isn’t designed to take monthly payments from its customers either. It’s a one-time download price that you pay, and you’re set for life. Moreover, you get access to all the newest releases for the product. They make frequently adding new technology and features to the existing software.

You can download Hide IP Platinium from here. The price of a permanent license is $35. For more details check this page.

P.S. If Hide IP Platinium does not work for you, then check a VPN service like HideMyAss or ibVPN.