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As you probably know already, Google new custom search (beta) is more powerful and more flexible than before. The selection of specific sites and keywords make the search more exact and straightforward. Learn about the hide IP Google Custom Search.

Reading about this tool, I have decided to implement it for those who need more specific, hide ip related results than those offered by simply using Google. The first step was to select several sites like proxy.org, XMyIP.com, ibvpn.com, proxify.com, etc., plus keywords like “hide ip“, “mask ip address“, “invisible browsing“, “what is my ip address“, “proxy“, etc. The next and final step was to add the Google custom box to the blog.

You can see the result in the right sidebar, under “Hide IP Google Custom Search“.
Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Hide IP Google Custom Search

If you are interested in implementing Google Custom Search (beta) for your site or just want to find out more about it you can visit:

Do you have suggestions regarding the sites or keywords I should include in the search? Post a comment!

Happy Surfing!

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