GPass Not Working Anymore

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GPass is one of the most appreciated hide IP tools as it’s free and very easy to use. Unfortunately, it seems it does not work anymore. As David signaled in his comment, GPass has not been working for quite a while.

What is GPass?

GPass is a highly popular Windows app that can be used to change the visible IP address of a computer. It connects to a proxy server and redirected the Internet traffic to the proxy tunnel.

Testing GPass

In order to verify the problem, I have downloaded the latest version of GPass and started it. The tool is searching for tunnels with no success and the tray icon is grayed-out. Conclusion: it does not work for me either!

GPass not working

Looking for answers

Usually, when a software so popular stops working there is a lot of fuss about it. This time I couldn’t find anything that explained why GPass not working and when it will be back. Nothing related on the presentation site either.

Is GPass working for you?

So, have you used GPass lately? Is it working? Where are you located? Maybe it’s just geo-limited…

P.S. If GPass does not work for you, then check a VPN service like HideMyAss or ibVPN.

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  • paz Mar 25, 2009

    actually i noticed that ..i was facing this problem when i use it in my university..but when i use it in my home its work fine with me ..sometimes even in my home it dosent connect ..
    oh god we lose another usable program first was freegate and now this one…

    by the way im located in UAE


  • HideIP Admin Mar 25, 2009

    @paz – Thank you for your comment. I have tried both at home and at the office but it does not work. I hope they will fix the problem soon.

  • tekbar Mar 25, 2009

    Doesn’t work for me either. Checked three locations and it is dead.
    I am located in Poland.

  • HideIP Admin Mar 25, 2009

    @tekbar – Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry to say but I believe GPass is going down …

  • zicam Apr 1, 2009

    gpass is working too well but needs to change certain configuration to work. need onfiguration pls call +2348062091442

  • HideIP Admin Apr 1, 2009

    @zicam – If you know how to make GPass work I invite you write it down and I will post it here, on

  • Chapitex Apr 2, 2009

    No, GPass it’s not working in any version (I tried 3 of them in 3 different places, I’m in Argentina).

    It’s seems that the server with the list of proxys it’s not working and makes GPass unable to connect.
    No official response so far.


  • jam Apr 4, 2009

    yes, its not working now and the reson !!!!!!!! no body know’s any way is there any soft ware can do the job like gpass please help :(((((((((((
    am in UAE

  • NoName Apr 4, 2009

    GPass is dead for me too. Date: 2009/04/03. I’m in I.R.Iran.

  • passingby1 Apr 7, 2009

    Downloaded and installed GPass today. Default GPass tunnels don’t seem to work, but after installing Tor ( get the Vidalia bundle) or (vn 3.8 or above), both worked fine for browsing. Set the Tunnels in GPass Options menu. If using Skype, you have to enable GPass access in Skype | Tools | Options | Advanced | Manage other programs’ access to Skype.

  • orestria Dec 19, 2009

    downloaded today. the default tunnels wouldn’t work, it was endlessly searching, BUT I made it connect through skype, and now I’m apparently in north carolina instead of south korea :3

    it’s a little slow with more than one page tho

  • orestria Dec 19, 2009


    not fooling hulu though

  • HideIP Admin Dec 19, 2009

    @orestria – It’s hard to fool Hulu these days.

  • Silvia Jan 15, 2010

    I downloaded skype and it worked sort of… I have a US ip adress but I won’t fool websites, is there something else I can do??

  • Gabriela Apr 18, 2010

    I know there was a website where you only chose where you wanted to “be located” and it would change your IP to that country, that is how I used to be able to get to Hulu from Argentina. Unfortunately, I completely forgot the name of the website or the address and lost all my bookmarks, will keep you updated if I find it.

  • roy Nov 30, 2010

    im from Philippines. yes i cant connect using gpass tunnel but configure it to socks5 in just 5-10 seconds you will be connected. just go to options/tunnel and click socks5 then use this proxy 9050

  • NNdo Mar 10, 2011

    Mexico, not working either…

  • Kshitij Dahal Apr 28, 2011

    Do it work if I use TOR ??

  • bacco delan Sep 12, 2011

    try to change it settings to socks and put then port 1080 then it will work

  • Jana Dec 25, 2011

    You can use hotspot shield..It’s works great

  • George Apr 15, 2012

    Hello Guys,

    I have just heard of GPass. I downloaded it and started surfing.
    All of a sudden, my PC got hanged up. Cause of this: GPass sign was gray.

    Here’s what you need to do to get it working:
    Start GPass, go to Options, then click on Tunnels. Hit Socks/Socks5
    Type in the 1st blank:
    2nd blank: 1080
    Hit Apply and eventually you should be able to use it.

    Thanks to “bacco delan”

    I am located in the US, was going to watch movies, but I wanted to be anonymous.


  • jerry Jul 6, 2012

    you do realize that when you choose UNENCRYPTED socks 5 and use (your local computer) as the proxty server you might as well not use gpass right? i gto it to work with TOR, but very slow. could not get past .50Mbps

  • Richard Nov 15, 2013

    GPass does not work for my computer at school or at home. There doesn’t seem to be any videos or blogs whatsoever over the subject, either. I can’t find any information of how to use GPass/use the tunnels/set up the tunnels, and I can’t find any information of why it won’t work.

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