FreeGate Is Not Free Anymore

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FreeGate was, in the last years, one of the leading anti-censorship service world wide. Starting from 1st of January 2009, FreeGate is not free anymore for users outside China. The main reason is the huge number of users and the lack of human, hardware and bandwidth resources.

Dynamic Internet Technology, the creator and sustainer of FreeGate, motivates the decision:

Our service was originally targeted to users from China, a regime with the
most advanced Internet censorship that affect most people. However, users
from other censorship countries, including Iran, Vietnam and Saudi Arab, have
found our service extremely useful to them too. Moreover, many web surfers
from non-censorship countries, such as the U.S., are using our service to
stay anonymous online. This leads to an explosive growth of the user

And they ask for financial support

We need your help. We hope to help global users to surf the net safely and
securely, without the fear of being monitored or traced. To achieve this
with an ever-growing user base, we need to seek additional funding. If you
find our service useful, please think if you can find any funding sources
for us, such as a non-profit organization, a corporation, or a

From 1st of January, users outside China will have to pay for being able to use FreeGate. At least for know I could not find how it works: it is a monthly/anual subscription, one time fee, etc. Probably in the next days we will find out more information.

P.S. If FreeGate does not work for you, then check a VPN service like HideMyAss, ibVPN, PureVPN, ExpressVPNHideIpVPN.

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  • Hide IP Jan 12, 2009

    Thanks for sharing! I think that paid services much better than free ones. They go in the right direction.

    I never used this service but I will try it later. The best thing of any paid service is that people who are working with such a service are motivated to create it in their best. therefore, a lot of users may use it.

    All over the Internet we may find alot of similiar services which were free, but now they all paid.

    Probably, financial crisis is one of the reasons of that.

    We’ll see.

  • boedie Jan 16, 2009

    ok kalau memang harus bayar, tapi bagaimana cara untuk mendapatkan freegate terbaru

  • Keir Sep 7, 2009

    Thank God it’s free here in China. I don’t know how I’d survive or my students would compete without access to information and knowledge.

  • vpa Jan 4, 2010

    not true

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