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Passing Thoughts – I will call VPN Reactor a free VPN service worth a shot for your daily usage only if you aren’t working on anything that requires security. At least, it hides your IP address!

In my upcoming articles, you will read more about some of the best and free VPN services. This article will throw some light on VPN Reactor and why it could be one of your favorite free VPN Services.

What is VPN Reactor?

Free VPN serviceVPN Reactor provides free PPTP which is actually enabled by the local operating system of the computer thus the requirement of using any software is eliminated. Basically, VPN Reactor is a small network of servers and it does not feature any server switching.

PPTP has widely been tagged as non-secure when compared to OpenVPN services due to which the free VPN service provided by VPN Reactor can be tagged as non-secure and prone to attacks.

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How to use VPN Reactor?

Once you register and confirm your account with VPN Reactor then you get a specific server which you will be used while connecting to the outside network via VPN Reactor. To set up your connection all that you have to do is start a new connection setup from Network and Sharing Center in control panel. Enter the server name that comes with the confirmation email and your VPN Reactor ID/Password when required. You can follow the pretty simple VPN Reactor tutorials if you face any issues or if you are using any other operating system.

Be aware of their TOS!

Something that hurts the value of VPN Reactor is their TOS. VPN Reactor clearly states that they have the rights to disclose your personal data and the usage logs if:

  • You are spamming.
  • Abusing their service.
  • In case a court order pops up.
  • Violating TOS.

To contradict their TOS the privacy policy of VPN Reactor states that they do not keep logs. I am not sure who is creating their content but for sure they need to do a thorough proofread of the same.

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  • Adi Aug 1, 2011

    damn man..this is not free!
    even with the basic aboout you still need to pay!
    please make a research before posting..

    wanna know one free 100% VPN service?
    try RaptorVPN and then make a review about it..

    free proxy service that runs through your web browser?
    try Cocoon, a firefox addon that totally awesome coz it can bypass corporate firewall like websense!

  • Adi Aug 1, 2011

    and also u can try VPN ON DEMAND..its 100% free too!

  • vince Aug 2, 2011

    Please review VPN ON DEMAND and RaptorVPN, and let us know if it is worth trying and also whether it is totally free without hidden cost. Thanks.

  • HideIP Admin Aug 2, 2011

    @Adi – VPNReactor offers free as well as paid service. Take a closer look.

  • salman Aug 2, 2011

    @vince – These are in line and I will be giving a shot to these very soon. Stick with us ..

  • Free Smartbro Intern Nov 7, 2011

    wow this is new to me. my site also gives .Excellent free vpn service.
    No additional software, limits free.
    Support Windows, MacOS, iPhone, Android connections. we use Villavpn just try if you have time

  • Adam Jul 5, 2012

    I used free VPN service before, but found some major speed/bw limitations ,and they only have a handful of servers. Now I switched to this VPN service:, it`s faster, more servers to choose from, only downside is that it`s a paid service…

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