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Update: VPN Raptor is no longer available. You should check other hide IP tools or VPN services.

After spending some time with Ultra VPN and VPN Reactor I had to move on and I did! Readers of this website requested me to check VPN Raptor and I must thank them for their request because VPN Raptor was surely a cakewalk once downloaded. Instead of jotting down a boring set of words for VPN Raptor I have decided to push in lots of screenshots to make life easier for my readers.

To start with below is my IP address (half hidden as I respect my privacy) before VPN Raptor was active:
VPN Raptor Off

And, below is my IP address once VPN Raptor was activated:
VPN Raptor On

Now, let’s see the difference in Internet Speed which is a factor that people want to compare most of the times. Without VPN Raptor running, my Internet speed was as given below:

VPN Raptor Off Download Speed

Next, once I disabled the VPN then below was my Internet speed:

VPN Raptor On Download Speed

As one will notice, Internet speed is affected drastically once you are using the VPN but I guess that is understood. You got to lose on something so as to hide your IP address.


Now let me walk you through the setup process. Register using the quick registration system:

VPN Raptor Register

Installation and setup

Next, download the client and start the installation process:

VPN Raptor Installation

VPN Raptor Installation 2

Further, during the installation, it will want you to install TUN/TAP driver. Let her do that:

VPN Raptor Installation 3

VPN Raptor Installation 4

VPN Raptor Installation 4

Next, once installed, then you can login using your ID/Password:

VPN Raptor Login

VPN Raptor Login 2

Finally, you will be able to see the Limited Access window once you are through with the login process in the client application:

VPN Raptor Limited access

Salman Siddiqui is an expert technical analyst and regularly blogs on his tech. blog CompuWorld. His vast experience of freelance writing is backed by his passion to swim against the tide. You can grab him on Twitter.

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  • Adi Aug 12, 2011

    now the spotflux show ‘Connection established’ instead of ‘Limited access’..
    but the speed remains the same..

  • fran Oct 8, 2011

    how can uninstall spotflux?

  • Andrés Nov 2, 2011

    How does Raptor VPN afford to provide this service for free? What’s the catch?

  • suresh Dec 14, 2011

    spotflux now showing only connecting to server……..what is problm………please tell me…………….

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