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Passing Thoughts – UltraVPN is only for nerds who can play with technical aspects of OpenVPN service as UltraVPN herself does not seem to hide your IP address. It can be used for basic Internet surfing, nothing more!

In my ongoing quest to create a list of free VPN services, I plan to write about the ones that are easy to setup and work smoothly. This article will focus on Ultra VPN which looks like an appreciable free VPN service though it has its disadvantages.

UltraVPN foundation: OpenVPN protocol

UltraVPNDuring the launch of Ultra VPN, the founders were smart to use free OpenVPN technology instead of PPTP to power their VPN service. OpenVPN has always been considered as more secure when compared to PPTP based VPN services. UltraVPN has a small list of servers that are spread around France and USA. Also, please be aware that UltraVPN performs no server switching.

OpenVPN has been widely criticized for cases where it is not able to avoid drops in Internet connections. This makes OpenVPN highly unreliable and prone to data loss. Though UltraVPN’s privacy policy is well defined yet most of the time they use France based servers and not US based servers as you might expect from a VPN service.

Installation and setup

Your account is active the moment you register with UltraVPN. A standard OpenVPN software distributed by OpenVPN is installed on your machine so as to use the services of UltraVPN. Users can relax as UltraVPN won’t install anything other than the already trusted OpenVPN software. UltraVPN uses the standard OpenVPN application with no modifications whatsoever.

Cons of UltraVPN:

  • The service does not have multiple IP addresses in its pool thus most of the time you might end up using the same IP address. This does not make sense as anyone can figure out that the traffic source is coming via the servers.
  • The service does not hide your IP in the first place. It uses OpenVPN services with zero modifications thus it makes no extra efforts to hide your IP address. Your ISP can easily find your original IP address thus pushing you into unwanted risks.
  • It does not perform server switching so in case people want multiple countries as their source then they got to depend on multiple plans.
  • No automatic startup.
  • I don’t think they will offer any form of support as their forum page was a broken PHP code. You will figure out nothing!

Salman Siddiqui is an expert technology analyst. His vast experience of freelance writing is backed by his passion to swim against the tide. You can grab him on Twitter.


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  • Anon Jul 26, 2011

    I used UltraVPN for quite a while until sometime last year their service went down and although I tried it several times over the following month or so I never got it back, it proved impossible to contact them through their website and emails went unanswered.

    A good alternative is IBVPN which has both PPTP and OpenVPN servers based in Holland.

  • salman Jul 26, 2011

    Thanks for tip..

    I will add IBVPN in my list of reviews that I have to write in coming days..

  • Adi Jul 29, 2011

    ive never make it to register an account at ultra vpn’s website..
    now im using 100% free RaptorVPN..
    they’ve got both PPTP and OpenVPN..
    and i also use Hostizzle as an altervative..

  • Metodios Jul 29, 2011

    UltraVPN is dead…the forum is abandonned since last year and is full of spammers.Forget about it.

  • Open VPN Service Aug 6, 2011

    thank you for giving me information about free VPN service and its disadvantages.

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