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If you have read my previous posts on how to hide your IP by changing the browser connection settings, you already know you need a proxy. Learn about free HTTP proxies.

Here are the posts I am talking about:

Where do I found free HTTP proxies?

There are several places where you can find proxies. Just go to Google and search for “proxy list” and you’ll get plenty of results. One of the best sources for proxies is SamAir. What I don’t link is that it is not easy to find proxies from a certain country.

Today, I have found another proxy source and I liked the way proxies are grouped. Take a look at the AtomInterSoft list. You can easily choose a country, then see the available proxies from that country. Nice!

Important! Be aware that there are several types of proxies (transparent, anonymous, high anonymous). Make sure you choose the right one: How to Choose a Proxy from a Proxy List.

Free HTTP Proxies list


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