Free Hide IP Tools: Ultrasurf vs NotMyIP

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This post presents two free hide IP applications that can be used to change your visible IP address and browse the Internet in privacy and anonymity.

Ultrasurf and NotMyIP (Later Edit: NotMyIP and  are no longer available. Check other hide ip tools.) are two very similar tools to hide/change your IP address. Due to the fact that Ultrasurf is very well know and consequently blocked by many security products and filter, NotMyIP has gained lately a lot of popularity.

Free Hide IP Tools

On, the home of NotMyIP, I have found an interesting comparison between the two free hide IP products. From the very beginning, Privacy-Gateway team declares that NotMyIP was not built to replace Ultrasurf but more as an alternative when Ultrasurf is blocked.

Main features: NotMyIP vs Ultrasurf

Further, here is the comparison as found on

NotMyIP Ultrasurf
Free hide IP tool Yes Yes
One click IP change Yes Yes
Changes your IP to a US one
Yes Yes
Changes your IP to a non-US IP address
No No
Clears your browser cookies No Yes
Automatically configures IE
Yes Yes
Automatically configures Firefox
Yes No, an add-on must be installed.
Automatically configures other browsers Yes No, manual configuration is needed.
Seen as malware by security solutions
Not yet Very probable
Blacklisted IPs No Most of them (every version exposes different IPs)
Speed Medium Medium

What do I think?

In my opinion, both products are good and provide solid browsing anonymity. Similar features, similar performance.  To conclude: what I appreciate to NotMyIP is that fact that it performs auto configuration for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc. Thus, no need for add-ons or other manual configs.

What do you think?

Have you tried Ultrasurf and/or NotMyIP? What do you think of them? Which one is better?

P.S. If Ultrasurf or NotMyIp do not work for you, then check a VPN service like HideIpVPNHideMyAss or ibVPN.

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  • xatzaras Jul 10, 2009

    i’m trying to run not my ip with my sandboxie interface and it’s not i hope they will make it compatible with sandboxie program.

    i want to be able to run such programs without full written installation for beta testings safety and privacy it too much for not my ip to make it work?

  • kupalogski Jul 16, 2009

    Not my IP is being overrated by this site.

    We will not buy products of the author.

  • HideIP Admin Jul 17, 2009

    @kupalogski – NotMyIP works well for me, so it’s normal to give credit to the product and to the author.

    Secondly, the information posted here is taken from a comparison made by (as mentioned in the post).

  • Dan's Software Report Jul 23, 2009

    Heck yea……….. if you can get a free software proxy I highly recommend it. They work sooooo much better then web proxies!

  • alexander Jan 25, 2010

    please i am using ultrasurf and i have problem sending email from my yahoo and also i cannt register online. please i need urgent solution. send the solution to my mail box

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