FoxyProxy 2.13 – New Release of the Advanced Proxy Management Firefox Add-on

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During last weeks, Eric Jung – the creator of FoxyProxy, has worked hard to improve the add-on and fix bugs. FoxyProxy 2.13 is now available for download!

FoxyProxy 2.13FoxyProxy is an excellent Firefox add-on that completely replaces Firefox’s limited proxying capabilities. It provides a lot of features and it’s considered to be more complete than the well-known SwitchProxy or other similar add-ons. If you have not installed FoxyProxy yet, you should follow the step-by-step tutorial by Scott Mulligan. Enjoy!

FoxyProxy 2.13 main features

Here are the most important features added or bugs fixed in the last versions:

  • Ability to remove the “FoxyProxy:” prefix in the statubar with a “hidden preferenence” (i.e., no GUI currently).
  • Log sorting by clicking on a column
  • Open log URLs in tabs
  • Copy URLs of log rows to clipboard
  • Ability to delete log rows
  • Fixed launching of URLs on Sonbird and other platforms
  • Fixed “Copy Selection” so it copies patterns, too (as it did in 2.8.14 and before).
  • Translation updates
  • When adding a new proxy, the Proxy Details tab is now the default tab. This contributes towards faster addition of new proxies (one less click)
  • Warning message for “You didn’t enter and enable any whitelisted (inclusive) URL patterns …” now has a “Do not show this message again” checkbox for better usability to people who use FoxyProxy like SwitchProxy (i.e., load all URLs through one proxy at a time)
  • Revamp of “Do not show this message again” checkboxes so they can more easily be added for all sorts of annoying, recurring questions in FoxyProxy.
  • Fixed longstanding bug whereby regular expression special characters ($, ., +, (, ), and ^) couldn’t be used in URL patterns
  • Ability to sort patterns by clicking on the column headings
  • Ability to disable resetting of icon colors after URLs have finished loading via a “hidden preferenence” (i.e., no GUI currently).
  • Change the attribute /foxyproxy[@resetIconColors] from true to false and restart Firefox. This enables you to easily see which proxy was last used (instead of having to use the FoxyProxy Logging tab).

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