Remove the forum ban

Getting banned on a forum is one of the most common problems you may encounter while using a forum. Learn how to remove the forum ban.

There are a variety of reasons you may get banned on a forum, but most of the time is because you have violated the forum rules. This is why you should consider the first option as a way to solving your problem.

Option 1: Apologies for your actions (Highly recommended)

Write a nice email to the forum admin(s). Humbly apologize for your actions which lead to you being banned. If this is your first to get banned from a forum you have good chances.

Option 2: Change your online identity

Step 1. Change your IP address. Try the options listed below. After each attempt check your email address. If it is different from your IP address then you can proceed to the next step.

  • If your ISP uses DHCP (dynamic) IP address, try using ipconfig command.
  • Again, if your ISP uses dynamic IP addresses, you can try to force an IP change by taking your modem offline (unplug power AND the internet cable) for at least a day.
  • If your ISP uses static IP’s, you can call them and request a new IP.
  • Another free solution is to use web proxies. You can check or for fresh proxies. You have to be careful to use a web proxy from your country, otherwise, you will look suspicious. This solution is not very good as most proxies do not allow for posting and do not allow you to register and log in.
  • If the above solutions do not work you should choose a hide IP application. Most of them are very easy to use and change your IP address smoothly. You can find the best of them here.
  • If you can afford them, VPN services solve your IP address smoothly. The setup is very easy and they anonymize all your browsers and applications. The only problem is that they are a little bit expensive. Check the following VPN list.

Step 2. Create a new email address or use a different email address that you have used for the banned account. You will need the email address to confirm your account.

Step 3. Change your screen name. Of course, you won’t be able to enter the same username as the one banned.

Step 4. For this step to have all the above already in place. Next, re-register at the forum.


You cannot link any of your previous information from your old account to your new account. Anything that can be used to link your old account and a new account will be used. If executed properly, these simple steps will prove successful to you.

Step 5. You are done. You should be able to be an active member of the forum again and remove the forum ban. Your future behavior will dictate whether you will be allowed to remain on the forum or not.

How do you manage a forum ban? Do you change your visible IP address? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

IP Changed, But Still Banned! Why Is That?

This is a common question. If you are using a DSL service, every time you turn on your computer your IP address is changed. But this does not mean that you are not still banned on eBay, on a forum or on-site you got banned before.

Why is that?

The answer is very simple: you are still on the same subnet. Meaning that your new IP address is not very different from the one that you got banned with. For example, you got banned with and your new IP address is Forums or sites like eBay don’t ban only the exact IP, but the entire subnet.

What should you do?

Firstly, you could change your ISP (Internet Service Provider), create a new account and make sure you set up all new account information and do not link any old account information.

Secondly, you can try changing your IP address. You can find a lot of articles on this blog on how to do it.

If you need a US IP address you can read this post. Also, I recommend a product that I have recently discovered some good VPN services and that offers high quality US IPs. It seems to be designed especially for these cases. I will later write a post about this product.

Happy Surfing!