Firefox 3.6 Add-on for Chrome-Like Incognito Window

Firefox add-ons, Privacy Issues

Firefox 3.6 was released a few days ago and there are already add-ons dedicated to the new version. One of them upgrades Private Browsing feature to be more like the Chrome’s Incognito Window. Learn about the Firefox Incognito window.

Firefox incognito window

What is Firefox Incognito Window?

The Private Browsing Window add-on starts a new instance of Firefox alongside your existing session, with a new profile in which Private Browsing is enabled. You don’t have all your old bookmarks or preferences in your new private window, but you don’t have to end your non-private session.

In a Private Browsing session, your private browsing windows will always have different preferences, bookmarks, add-ons, and themes from your regular Firefox windows.

How is this add-on useful?

The main function of the add-on is to create a new session that it can be used for “sensitive browsing”, while still having the regular browser windows open. Thus, you can anytime close the private browsing window and come back to the regular browsing.

More, a private browsing window does not leave any traces of your browsing activities. But, there is always a “but”, the Private Browsing add-on does NOT hide or change your current IP address!

The browser won’t have a record of your browsing history, BUT your internet service provider or employer will still track the pages you visit.  Keep this in mind while browsing in private!


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