End of Year Review: What Else Do You Want Us to Cover?

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Year ReviewDecember is usually a month for setting back and checking what we’ve done along the year. Here at how-to-hide-ip.net, we’ve shown you how to use VPN services for different purposes. Among other topics, we showed you how to unblock some geo-location-limited services that you may find interesting, we’ve covered services like watching hulu.com, listening to music via Spotify.com, watching replay of BBC broadcast via their iPlayer services, and so on and so forth. Keep reading our year review.

We also talked about proxy solutions:

while some articles dealt with free proxy services that may be worth trying, others opened your eyes to the risks of using proxy services from your smartphones. We especially dealt with that trick with Opera Mini on smartphone that allow you to get almost free internet via a special Facebook package that GSM providers usually offer to their customers almost everywhere in the world.

Recently, as the news in the industry spread, we also tried to cover them from a privacy perspective. We, then, dealt with the biggest acquisition that Microsoft made over Skype and how it benefits to Facebook; we also covered the recent keylogging issue that smartphones had with this CarrierIQ news. Although those are not necessarily geared toward a technical point of view, we thought that those are news worth mentioning as they relate in one way or another to what we are trying to cover here on how-to-hide-ip.

Updated VPN reviews are on their way

On a more technical side, we began an update of reviews of the VPN services that are the most popular now. Simply put, how-to-hide-ip bought a VPN package, then tested them and reported back the reviews on these columns. Thank you for those who suggested to us VPN packages that we needed to review. Along this way, we brought to you our review of free VPN solutions that are available on the internet so far. We aren’t done yet with the round of reviews and we are still testing some of the VPN packages that have been submitted to us, so stay tuned for the results.

My colleagues here at how-to-hide-ip rolled up their sleeves and went into explaining the different techniques behind VPN: they talked about VPN protocols (PPTP,L2TP, OpenVPN, SoftEther and others). You can also find a lot of articles dealing with browser add-ons that will help you protect your privacy online. Finally, you can find multiple how-to for configuring your mobile devices as well as your computer with the latest techniques/tools.

What else do you want us to cover on this blog?

In fact, we chose those topics either based on our own expertise, or as the news arise. We also wrote about topics that were worth mentioning as technology evolves. While this approach gives us a large choice of topics to cover for articles that will be written on how-to-hide-ip, we’d like to take this end-of-year opportunity to ask our readers one simple question: “what else do you want us to cover on this blog?” .

So, again, we’d like to hear you, tell us what do you want to read on this blog – not only will this give us more insights on what you expect from us, but it’s also a way for us to say thank you for being with us for so long. So, go ahead, tell us what you expect from us in the comment section.

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