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Book Readings RecommendationsThis is the end of the year, and some of us just like getting recommendations on books that they should be reading. Since we are into VPN and privacy topics, I thought I’d put a small list of book readings recommendations that are worth considering.

So as to ease things, I have selected titles from Amazon’s database. The criteria for selecting them was simple: books that address some of the most voiced concerns or interests for readers of How-to-hide-ip.


– “Networking All-in-one for dummies”: as it is now well-known with the “for dummies” series, this is a simple book that is written in layman’s terms. I have included it since most of us nowadays have a home network, so I thought some of our readers would find it interesting to read.
– “Troubleshooting VPN Networks“(Mark Lewis): with its 840pages, this book is for the most courageous who want to understand the different underlying protocols of a VPN network. This is more targeted to a techie guy who is managing a corporate VPN network. Indeed, “Troubleshooting VPN networks” will serve as a reference book that you’ll need to get at your hand’s reach if VPN is what you manipulate on a day-to-day basis


– “The filter bubble: what the internet is hiding from you”(Eli Pariser). There has been (and will always be) a long debate on the topic of customizing the user experience on the internet VS privacy issues. On the other hand, advertisers are putting a pressure on publishers so as to deliver “on-topic” content to the potential target. This book seems to be filled with in-depth view of how this “battle” has evolved and where it is heading. The headline says it all “An eye-opening account of how the hidden rise of personalization on the Internet is controlling-and limiting-the information we consume”
– “Surveillance or security:? The risks posed by wiretapping technologies” (Susan Landau): this book deals with another debate when it comes to privacy-related technology matters : regulation vs technology. Technology is evolving at a very high-pace and regulation is trying to accommodate it while arguing for a more secure environment. This books gives an in-depth understanding on how things are tightly related.

Mobile Security

– “Mobile device security for Dummies”: yet another book from the “for dummies” series. Mobile is getting more and more popular nowadays, and while users are more prone to installing new applications and trying new devices, security isn’t yet seriously considered. This book gives you an overview of the security issues that may arise from mobiles

This list can’t be an exhaustive one, and while we deliberately took some less-technical approach (except for that 840 pages book), we think those books will give you a better understanding of the challenges that users are facing when dealing with privacy in this fast-moving technology-driven world.

Do you have any other book readings recommendations? Feel free to share with the readers so that we can all be knowledgeable about this topic. The comment system is there for you to give your feedback and recommendations, so feel free to use it.

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