Down For Everyone or Just Me?


Yesterday, I was writing about Blogger blogs being blocked in China and how to overcome this problem. There were different reports about this issue, some saying Blogger works for them, some saying it does not. Learn about

How can you make sure a site is inaccessible (in your country or the server is down) or it’s just not running for you?


The solution is very simple: go to the site type in the desired URL and press Enter. If the site is down (for everyone) you get:

downforeveryoneorjustme down

If the site is working but it is blocked for you (by your company or government) you’ll see something like:

downforeveryoneorjustme up

Also don’t forget to visit HerditWeb to report the problem or to check other reports.

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  • John P. Jul 13, 2009

    The website is offline more than on and it’s really inaccurate. I prefer (also called

    It’s much more accurate, and it’s faster.

    But then again, do these services REALLY offer something that is useful?

  • Hiya Jul 6, 2010

    I like the site Downforeveryoneorjustme, it has a good ring to it. I use it often for a quick status.

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