The latest update of the China Firewall blocked many sites that were accessible before, including VPN services, free email services like Gmail, and social networking sites like Twitter. The fight between the Chinese Government and those seeking Internet freedom has not come to an end and it seems the GFC will be alive for many years to come. Learn how to check website accessibility in China.

Are you the owner of a site that provides services for Chinese internet users?

Are you in China and you want to access certain sites? Here is a tool that helps you find out whether a site is blocked by the Chinese Firewall or not. ViewDns.Info checks both the availability and accessibility of a specific website from different locations:

• Inner Mongolia
• Shenzhen
• Beijing
• Yunani province
• And Heilongjiang province

This tool is also highly functional as it provides people the ability to plan their trip to China and check if their favorite websites are accessible there or not. If they find inaccessibility of websites in there, they can then get the accessibility with the help of a VPN service or a proxy tool.

As part of my ongoing mission on China and her Internet, I tried to dig out few methods that can help you track if your website is blocked in China. Let’s see if this works or not. All you got to do is enter your URL and let the online tools do their job.

Just Ping – Check Site China

They have their servers located in China and they are pretty smooth at testing if your website is blocked in China or not. Our How-To Hide IP isn’t!

Check site China - Just Ping

Watch Mouse

Watch Mouse also has it monitors within China so they can come on handy too when you are trying to track your website from within China.

Check site China - Watch Mouse

View DNS

View DNS uses DNS poisoning to track if your website is blocked in China or not. DNS poisoning is one of the common methods used by the Chinese government to block access to different websites. See results for How To Hide IP below:

Check site China - View DNS

Website Pulse

When compared to the ones above, website pulse has servers in more cities within China so they can be given an upper hand. They check your website from Beijing directly!

Check site China - Website Pulse

Great Firewall of China

I love this domain and I wish I had registered this! I could only write a post on Great Firewall of China and this guy created a complete website on it. And, it works!

Check site China - Great Firewall

Check website accessibility in China for How-to-hide-ip

I have just made the check for How-to-hide-ip and … good news: the blog is accessible in China and it can be used to find info on the different ways to bypass the Chinese Firewall.

Check Website Accessibility


Is your site blocked in China? Let us know your thoughts about the check site China.