Is It Possible to Change IP Address from Mexico to USA?

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“I live in Mexico and love to watch some of the full episodes from,, Hulu, Netflix etc… Is it possible to change IP address from Mexico to USA?”

The short answer is “YES“. It is possible to change your IP to a US IP as I previously suggested here.

The longer answer is that changing your IP address to a US IP is not the only issue. A significant problem is the speed. Most of the IP solutions are using free proxies, that are highly used by a lot of people and that offer low to very low browsing speed. These solutions are fine for posting on a forum or to access restricted sites but are not suitable for watching online videos.

Possible solution: Private Proxies

Private proxies are a possible answer to this problem (change IP Mexico USA). These are paid proxies (not very expensive) that are password protected and offer high-speed browsing. I can suggest 2 such services but there are many more you can find by searching on Google:

After you purchase such a service you get a proxy IP and port, a username and a password. Then, you will have to setup your browser to use that proxy. If you don’t know how to do this you should read the following posts:

After you set up your browser, you can start accessing websites. The first time you try, a popup window will ask for username and password.

Change IP Mexico US

Even better: VPN Services

Another possible answer (to change IP Mexico USA) is the VPN services. VPNs offer high-speed connections and unlimited bandwidth, thus being ideal for watching Hulu, Netflix or other online streaming sites. Take a look at the following list of VPN providers that offer US IP addresses.

Happy Surfing!

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  • Qaz Nov 8, 2017

    Can I change the IP permanently to one in US?

  • HideIP Admin Nov 8, 2017

    If you are not located in US, then no, you can not permanently change your IP to one from US.

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