You may be thinking to yourself, “Well, I know what a proxy is, but how do I change my IP address for good?”  Luckily, we have the answer you’re looking for: learn how to change IP address permanently.

3 options to change IP address permanently

Option 1: Contact your ISP

As with everything, there are many different ways to change your IP address, the most common being to simply contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and ask for them to change your IP Address for you.  In most circumstances, they will have no problem with doing this.  Occasionally, depending on whether you have committed any Internet crimes or not, they may not be willing to change it.

Option 2: Turn off your modem/router

In these cases, you can change your IP Address yourself by turning off your modem for five-ten minutes and then turning it back on.  This will usually result in a change in your IP address.  If not, keep doing this for a while.  You can also simply turn it off before you go to bed, and then turn it back on when you get up.  This will give it plenty of time to “recharge”.  Then again, if none of that works, there are still a few more ways you can change it.

Option 3: Use the ipconfig command

First off, you’ll need to open a command prompt by clicking Start at the bottom of your screen, click ‘Run’, and then type “cmd” in the box that opens.  This will cause a black screen to appear.  Now type “ipconfig /release” followed by, “ipconfig /renew”.  Type “exit” and close any open programs.  You’ll need to shut down and turn off your computer.  Turn off all ethernet hubs and switches, if you know what those are.  Now turn off your cable or DSL modem and leave everything off for the night.  When you wake up, you can turn everything back on.  This should assign you a new IP address.

ipconfig renew IP address

How to create a re-usable ipconfig script

Step 1. Copy the following commands into Notepad

Echo ipconfig/flushdns
echo ipconfig/release
echo ipconfig/renew

Step 2. Save the file to changeip.bat
Step 3. Run the file (double-click on it)

If you try to run this on Vista you have to right-click the shortcut for the file and choose ‘Run as Administrator’.

The solution to this problem is very simple. Not need to use proxies, hide IP tools, etc. All you need to do is to renew your IP address.

If by any chance that all of that did not help at all, you will need some software or some extensive manuals about changing your IP address.

In order to verify if your IP address changed or not you can use: