Update: IPRental is no longer available and you should look for other hide IP tools.

For bloggers, journalists and other people located in countries with government-imposed firewalls that block access to a variety of content, IPRental offers a unique solution.

What is IPRental?

Much easier to use than standard proxy services, IPRental users just download a program and then log in to the app (after they register and get a username and password) then hit Connect. You then get fast USA IP address which you can change as often as you like.

IPRental Login

The thing that makes this solution unique and great is that they do not have a set number of IPs from some contiguous blocks like all normal proxy services do. Instead, they get a never-ending always fresh supply of residential USA IP addresses.

IPRental Settings

China, Myanmar, Iran, and the Arab Countries that block content have typically already blocked the IPs of major providers like Hide-My-IP.com and Anonymizer.com, but with IPRental, since they are getting a new stream of IPs all the time, it’s impossible for governments and other entities to block you when using the service.

IPRental Node Diagram

Available plans

IPRental sells a variety of packages, but for $19.95/month you get the media server which works great, the other services are more expensive and mostly tailored to hard-core Craigslist posters and folks that do other gray market activities.

IPRental alternatives

What are the IPRental alternatives? Try a free VPN service or go for a paid subscription. There are plenty of good VPN providers that you can use. They offer superior speed and connection reliability. Here are several such VPN services that I recommend at this time:

VPN ProviderPrice
HideMyAssfrom $11.52/month
ibVPNfrom $4.95/month
NordVPNfrom $10.95/month
IPVanishfrom $10/month
PureVPNfrom $9.95/month
ExpressVPNfrom $12.95/month

Another alternative is to subscribe to a VPN service that offers a free trial. You may find here a list.

>> IPRental.com

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