What is a CGIProxy?

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Internet proxy websites are sites that you can use to conceal your identity on the Internet or just to be able to access Internet websites that have been restricted for you to use. Learn about CGIProxy.

There are two widely used variants of proxy, the PHProxy and the CGIProxy. They are both used for the same general reason, but have different features and enable you to use different websites and scripts.

What exactly is a CGIProxy?

A CGIProxy will not only conceal your identity but it also gives you the greatest amount of protection. Because it blocks most of the Client-side scripts it gives you all the protection that you need. You will have no cookies, no scripts, no ads and no referrers and with that, you can be sure that the website you are visiting is not collecting any information from you.

This can also mean that something that you would normally use on websites may not work or may not work in the way they are supposed to work. If the cookies are not stored on your computer you will not be able to use shopping baskets in web stores because the information should be stored on your computer.

The benefits of using a CGIProxy

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, you will be able to connect to websites that have been blocked for you, if you use a CGIProxy. This means that if your school has blocked access to Facebook or similar websites you can use such a script to connect to it. Same goes for any other websites that you should not access because someone other things like that, but you do not agree.

You should never use such scripts to perform any illegal activities, but if you are concerned for your safety on the Internet, then a CGIProxy is a great way to protect yourself.

How to find a CGIProxy

In order to find CGI proxies, you may simply perform a Google search. Or you may find them on proxy lists like xRoxy.

Install your own proxy

If you have access to a web server you may install your own CGIProxy. Simply download the CGI proxy and proceed with the setup. You will end up with your own CGIProxy that can you can share with your friends. Enjoy!

Are you using CGI proxies? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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