How to get Romanian IP address

Would you like to access Romanian restricted websites like Digisport, Voyo or SeeNow from outside Romania? Then you need to change your visible IP address with a Romanian IP. This post explains what a Romanian IP is and how to get access to one.

What is a Romanian IP address?

A Romanian IP address is an IP that is assigned to an ISP or hosting provider that provides Internet services in Romania. The most common Romanian IPs have the following format:

  • RCS & RDS – from to
  • ROMTelecom – from to
  • RCS & RDS – from to
  • RCS & RDS – from to
  • ROMTelecom – from to

You may find more info regarding the Romanian IP blocks by checking this post.

Here are several options you have to change your IP to a Romanian IP address:

1. Use Web Proxies

Web proxies are probably the easiest method to change your IP address. The main advantage of a web proxy is the fact that you don’t have to install anything on your computer. But, you must be aware of the risks. That is why I recommend you to read the following article: Risks of using a proxy site.

The use of such an HTTP proxy server is straightforward: visit the proxy, type in the desired URL and press the Go or Submit button. The site will be loaded from the IP of the proxy, not from your IP address.

For changing your IP address to a Romanian IP, I recommend the following anonymous proxy servers:

2. Manually change your IP using paid or open proxies

Another solution is to manually change your IP. Go to sites that list proxies (e.g.,, find a proxy from Romania and then change your browser’s settings to use that proxy. Further, take for example and configure your browser to use it when you connect to the internet.

You may take into consideration that open proxies are not more secure than web proxies. Use them with caution!

If you don’t know how to change your IP manually you should check these posts:

3. Use VPN services to get Romanian IP

VPNs are the most secure and reliable option of all. The traffic between the computer and the server is encrypted, and you may even make secure online purchases with your credit card. Thus, you may go for this option if you can afford to spare a buck or two.

Romania has excellent Internet infrastructure and hosts many server data centers. Thus, most of the VPN providers have Romanian servers included in their offers. One of them is ibVPN at low prices and sound quality. Also, you may try ExpressVPN, NordVPN, HideMyAss VPN, and PureVPN. They are all good Romania VPN services.

The use of VPNs in Romania

In some countries, they have decreed access to some websites as well as the use of Virtual Private Networks or VPNs illegal. Countries like Iran, China, Cuba, North Korea, Libya, Sudan, and Syria have made criminal the use and access to VPN or other anti-filtering tools online. But, not in Romania!

The use of VPNs in Romania is not illegal

Although there are some apparent restrictions reserved for access and proliferation of pornographic, lewd, and obscene materials on the web. People have the liberty to access other uncensored materials or media even if they are based in the UK or USA, thanks to the help of a VPN!

And so, the public clamor for VPN services in Romania have been so pervading that a lot of people wish to be duly subscribed to these services.

Why use VPN in Romania

Here are a few cited reasons for VPN use in Romania:

Business Ventures

Some entrepreneurs, who seek secured online business communications with their associates, joint venture partners, or even customers turn to reliable VPN services they can use while in Romania. Not only will the service allow you easy access to communication, but it’ll also likewise give you complete peace of mind. Knowing that as you grow your business, your hard-kept trade secrets are protected and made secured via the protocols used by VPN services.


Popular online portals like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, and more are the most sought-after sites that folks often won’t miss for anything in this world. If you are tech-savvy and based in Romania, you know how to have all the fun with your VPN account. Definitely, with your VPN, you can get access to these websites without the servers identifying your original traffic source. VPN makes this possible and more!

VoIP use

VoIP has been convenient and by far, the least expensive way of reaching your loved ones or business associate overseas. The use of VPNs in Romania for VoIP calls made through the Internet without fear of being blocked is another option. Whenever using VPN for your VoIP calls, you are assured that your communications are kept private and you can freely make calls to your loved ones wherever they maybe while you are in Romania.

Security and privacy

With a VPN or Virtual Private Network, you create a connection between a VPN tunnel host and destination server from where all the data transferred will stay hidden from meddling hackers and phishers.

As the network operates on the usual web connection and asks for the aid of several VPN protocols, data is encrypted as it traverses from one point to another. Hence, it ensures that whatever data is sent online will always be kept safe and secured through your VPN account.


In conclusion, there are several options to change your IP address to one from Romania but, for the moment the best solution is by using VPN services or web proxies.

Happy Surfing!