How to Watch Netflix or Hulu on Your Boxee Box (PPTP VPN Setup)

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Boxee Box VPNIf you live outside the US and have gotten your hands on the Boxee Box you are probably disappointed that you can not access your favorite shows on Netflix or Hulu. Cheer up! To every problem, there is a solution. Follow the steps below in order to set up a PPTP VPN on your Boxee Box. Learn about Boxee Box VPN.

1. You need a US VPN

Firstly, you need to get access to a US VPN service. There are plenty of good VPN services with prices from $4 to $15 per month, but you need to make sure you choose one that offers connections via PPTP protocol.

2. Setup PPTP VPN on Boxee Box

Secondly, follow the step below to set up your Boxee Box VPN:

1. When you log in to Boxee, you have presented the Home screen.

Boxee Box VPN - Step 1

2. Press the Options button on the remote control, to bring up the Navigation menu.

Boxee Box VPN - Step 2

3. Press the Up arrow on the remote, to highlight the Settings icon. Press Ok on the remote to select this.

Boxee Box VPN - Step 3
4. Hit the Right arrow on the remote a few times to highlight the Network option. Choose this by pressing Ok. On the Network Settings screen which appears, press the Down arrow on the remote several times, in order to highlight VPN.

5. On the right-hand side, press Ok over the Server box, and enter the name of the server you want to connect to (you get this info when you subscribe to the VPN service).

6. Enter your VPN username and the VPN password into the Account and Password boxes, and then double check that the Encryption required box is selected.

Boxee Box VPN - Step 4

To sum up:

Connection Type: PPTP
Server: IP address or server name
Account: VPN username
Password: VPN password
Encryption required: Enable (Checked). (If this is disabled, VPN will fail to connect.)

7. Finally, click Connect. After a few seconds, it will change to Disconnect, indicating a successful VPN connection on your Boxee Box!

Now, you should be able to browse to Netflix or unblock Hulu and watch your favorite show. Enjoy!

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  • Ria Mar 3, 2012

    I have hotspot shield, but don’t know how to get it on my boxee box. What should I fill in for server, account and password?

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