BolehVPN Now Offers Servers in Netherlands – 10 Accounts Giveaway

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BolehVPN is a VPN service that accepts P2P traffic, allowing you to download torrents at max speeds, protect your surfing privacy, and bypass websites censored by your ISP. Learn about the 10 BolehVPN free accounts.

BolehVPN free accounts

The service not only provides standard features of most VPN services, such as hiding your real IP address and bypassing censorship but also encrypts your data connection preventing ISPs from snooping what you are downloading or performing traffic analysis or p2p throttling.

Recently they have added Netherlands servers to their mix of servers:

  1. United States of America
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Luxembourg
  5. Germany

How to get a BolehVPN 30-day Account

We have 10 BolehVPN 30-day accounts for the lucky readers of How-to-hide-IP.

To enter the contest all you have to do is to leave a comment below to this post and make sure you enter a valid e-mail address.

Winners will be chosen randomly using List Randomizer. All the winners will be contacted via email directly. Contest closes at 11:59 am GMT on December 7th, 2010 and the results will be published here, in this post.

Update 12/8/2010: And the winners are …

The winners will be contacted by BolehVPN Team soon, by email.

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  • justme Dec 3, 2010

    really want to tryout this vpn… hope I can win

  • caiting Dec 3, 2010

    I want to get a BolehVPN 30-day accounts

  • xiaoya Dec 3, 2010

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  • mikey Dec 3, 2010

    Hope to try this one. Currently seem to have no free try yet for BolehVPN.

  • Kazero Dec 3, 2010

    Hello, thank you for providing so nice giveaway, I would be grateful to you to get one of those accounts 😀
    That’s becomming hard on the French Internet :p.

  • Vers Teck Dec 3, 2010

    Actually,I need to get an VPN account.

  • ideal4ever Dec 3, 2010

    i hope i’d be lucky : )

  • my_immortalize Dec 4, 2010

    Count me in please…Thanks…

  • Patrick Dec 4, 2010

    I would like the account advertised because I was hacked into when somebody found out my IP number, I lost everything!

  • tyrkil Dec 4, 2010

    thank you for this giveaway , enter me in.

  • Victor Sims Dec 4, 2010

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    I believe I will win this exciting software. TQ!!

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  • vhick Dec 4, 2010

    Great giveaway!


  • asgar Dec 4, 2010

    Looking for good vpn working well in gulf countries

  • roos Dec 4, 2010

    i love VPN fore his securitie
    i have knowe us one from usa
    my homeland is the nederlandso i wil love to try one out

    wish u al merry christmas and a happy newyear god blesh u all

  • race Dec 4, 2010

    in the race!

  • Maria Dec 4, 2010

    hello. i like your vpn. hope to be among the lucky winners.

  • bolean Dec 4, 2010

    hi girlies!!

  • 11432 Dec 4, 2010

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  • Sven Dec 4, 2010

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    Because i live in the country with very high level internet censorship,for passing these limitations i need this vpn service.
    i hope be a winner.
    Best Regards,

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  • trader3000 Dec 5, 2010

    @justme – Its important to keep your Web tracks away from all the snoops.This is one of the ways to do that.

    Ya gotta be in it to win it !

  • Cathy Dec 6, 2010

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    Very nice promotion! Regrettable not enough licences for everyone , but I hope this time I am the lucky-one.

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    I sure hope i’m not late. I’d love to give this a try.

  • Matthew Dec 7, 2010

    Is it too late to join in?

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