How to Browse with Mexican IP address

Browse Mexican IP Address ProxyWould you like to browse the Internet with an IP address from Mexico for secure browsing or unblocking restricted websites? Keep reading to find out how to get one. Learn how to get a Mexican IP address.

What is a Mexican IP address?

A Mexican IP address is assigned to an ISP or hosting provider that provides Internet services in Mexico. The most common Mexican IPs have the following format:

  • to
  • to
  • to
  • to
  • to

Are you interested in finding more info regarding the Mexican IP blocks? Check this post.

3 Ways to get a Mexican IP address

1. Use Web Proxies

The simplest and fastest method to browse using Mexican IP address is by using a web proxy.  Unfortunately such proxies are usually too slow and unreliable for online streaming. To use such a web proxy simply visit the proxy site, type in the desired URL and press the Go or Submit button. Thus, the site is loaded from the IP of the proxy not from your IP address.

One such a web proxy with Mexican IP address is Teleport. Also, you may Google for “Mexican web proxy”. If you know more feel free to share them in the comments below.

Important! Before starting to use a web proxy please read the following post: Risks of using a proxy site.

2. Manually change your IP using paid or open proxies

An alternative to web proxies are the open or paid proxies. They are more stable and usually faster. But, you may need to pay attention to your privacy. DO NOT enter your credit card details or other sensitive info while browsing using open proxies.

You may find proxies with Mexican IP addresses on or After you choose one you need to setup your browser to use that proxy. Take for example and configure your browser to use it when you connect to the internet. [click to continue…]


How to Choose Your Hide IP Tool

When so many hide IP tools are available on the market, it is difficult to choose the one that suits your needs. This guide presents several alternatives and make your choice easier. Learn how to choose hide IP tool.

This post will answer questions that I received from you, the readers of this blog. Thank you for being part of this community that helps people overcome the censorship and blockage on the Internet.

This first post answers the most common question asked: “Should I choose a free solution or a paid one?

Free or paid hide IP tool? – How to choose hide IP tool

Choose Hide IP Tool - Free or Paid

The answer to this question may seem obvious: FREE is always a better choice. But, you should know this is not always true. Let’s see first, what free hide IP tools do best and also what are their disadvantages.

Free tools to hide your IP

Firstly, I would divide the tools you can use to freely hide your IP address into (1) web proxies and (2) hide IP software. [click to continue…]


Double VPN – What Is It and How to Get It? Top Double VPN Providers

Double VPN allows you to increase your security while connecting to a VPN. Learn about this VPN approach and its advantages.

What is Double VPN?

Double VPN is a technology allowing you to browse securely and anonymously by connecting to a chain of servers inter-connected via VPN-tunnel. When the user is connected a Double VPN server the traffic is redirected to a second server, with all the traffic subjected to several encoding steps. Thus, the intermediate server is only used to ensure pass-through traffic but not the connection to external network.
Double VPN
The working principle is rather simple. Firstly, the VPN client/app connects to a VPN server which then routes all traffic to another VPN server from where the destination is reached. The traffic is double encrypted within the two VPN layers before getting to the desired website.

Your computer >> First VPN server >> Second VPN server >> Destination

Advantages and disadvantages of using Double VPN

You may not need using a Double VPN if you simply want to unlock inaccessible services in your country (e.g.: Facebook, Twitter, etc.). But, when it is about high level of anonymity, double VPN can be of great help.

The main advantage of this approach is that the traffic between your device or computer to the desired destination is doubled encrypted. Thus, it is harder to be detected and  decoded. Plus, your visible IP address is supplementary protected.

You may already guess the disadvantage: the double encryption slows the connection. However, in some cases, the connection between the VPN servers can be so optimized that compensates the time lost due to encryption/decryption process.

To sum up, double VPN is good for high security, but it is not recommended for unblocking restricted websites. [click to continue…]


How to Browse with an IP Address from South Africa

Browse South Africa IP AddressAre you interested in browsing with an IP address from South Africa for secure browsing or unblocking geo-restricted websites? Keep reading to find out how to get one. Learn about South Africa IP address.

What is a South Africa IP address?

A South Africa IP address is assigned to an ISP or hosting provider from South Africa. The most common such IPs have the following format:

  • to
  • to
  • to
  • to
  • to

Are you interested in finding more info regarding the IP blocks from South Africa? You may find them here.

2 Ways to get a South Africa IP address

1. Use a VPN service

By far, the best option to change your IP address is to subscribe to a VPN services. Especially if you care about security or if you want to unblock streaming sites.

The VPN servers located in South Africa are less common than servers located in United States, United Kingdom or Netherlands. Here are the VPN providers that I found and that provide South Africa IP address:

If you know others please share them in the comments. Also, you may check the following list of active VPN promotions.

Are you not happy with the VPN speed? Learn about the things that may impact your VPN connection. [click to continue…]

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ibVPN All-In-One VPN v2.0 – The New Windows App Revealed

ibVPN, one of services that I like and use, has presented their new Windows app. The ibVPN All-In-One VPN v2.0 is not only better than the previous version, but it also represents an important step forward.

My first impression

The new ibVPN Windows app does not follow the latest app design trends as most of the VPN providers do. The app is not over-simplified and it can be used by both the beginners and advanced VPN users. Let’s take a deeper look to the most important features.

Easy connect/disconnect: Automatic VPN Protocol selection & Fastest Server option

The basic function of every VPN app is to connect and disconnect. The ibVPN app does it simply and easily. Open the app and click the Connect button. The default settings are Fastest Server and the Automatic protocol. The Fastest Server option seems to search for the fastest server to connect to. The criteria are not clear, but the search does not take long, which is good. Starting from the second attempt the connection is even faster.

If you want to connect to a certain server, click on the Fastest Server and select the location. You may easily get the servers from a certain location, those that allow P2P traffic or that unblock certain streaming channels.

ibVPN All-In-One VPN v2

The Automatic protocol actually takes the protocols one by one and tries to connect  to the selected server. As far as I can see the default protocol is L2TP, but it can be easily changed to PPTP, SSTP, IPSec, OpenVPN. [click to continue…]