The Ultimate ibVPN Review

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I am using ibVPN (along with other VPN services) for more than 5 years. There are many things to love about this VPN service that I consider one of the best. It offers great features, nice apps and fair pricing. Take a look below to my (ultimate) ibVPN review!

ibVPN review in a nutshell

Headquarters & jurisdiction ibVPN Headquarters - Romania Romania
Log policy No logging.
Servers & locations 180+ servers, 57 countries.
Dynamic & static IPs Both dynamic and static IPs.
Dedicated IPs Yes, upon request.
VPN protocols & security OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, IKEv2, SSTP, SoftEther.
Advanced VPN protocols DoubleVPN, TorOverVPN
P2P & torrent policy Yes, on certain servers.
VPN applications Windows, MacOS, Android, Android TV, iOS.
Other devices (manual setup) DD-WRT, Tomato, Sabai routers, Freebox, Raspberry PI, Boxee Box
Browser extensions Chrome, Firefox, Opera.
Kill Switch Yes, for the Windows and MacOS apps.
DNS leak protection Yes, for the Windows app.
Automatically change IP Yes, for the Windows app.
Proxy & SOCKS5 Yes, both HTTP proxies and SOCKS5.
SmartDNS Yes, more than 300 channels.
Simultaneous connections / devices Up to 5 depending on package.
Free trial Yes, 24-hour trial.
Pricing From $4.95/month, lower for annual plans.
Promos & discounts Anniversary Promo, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Winter & Summer discounts.
Payment methods Credit cards, Paypal, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, PaymentWall, other crypto currencies.
Moneyback Yes, 15 days.
Support 24/7 email and live chat.
Performance/speed Depends on the servers and locations.
User reviews Mostly positive.
Pros/What I like Top VPN provider with a lot of features and great support.
Cons/What could be improved More servers in Asia and Eastern Europe.

Headquarters & jurisdiction

As stated on their website, ibVPN operates from Romania, an East European country, member of the European Union. Romania is not member of the Forteen Eyes group of countries that share intelligence to avoid breaking domestic laws. Also, it looks to be outside of the influence of NSA and GCHQ. However, as a member of European Union, some retention laws may be implemented in the future. But, at this time, Romania seems to be a good place for running a VPN service with no logs policy. [click to continue…]

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12 Tips on How to Torrent Safely

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How to Torrent Safely - 12 Tips

Are you downloading torrents frequently? Then, you must read the tips listed below on how to torrent safely!

As you probably know, the torrent p2p protocol (BitTorrent) is a file-sharing technology that provides users with access to virtually unlimited content. This protocol is one of the most popular for peer-to-peer file sharing in the world. Torrenting is almost completely decentralized, except for trackers that enable users to search and download magnet links and p2p files. Magnet links and torrent files are used to find users on the network who host the needed files, although they don’t actually host those files.

Torrent users do however face many security threats each time they download or share a file, and before you start torrenting, you should take the time to learn how to safely torrent.

Are torrents legal?

Yes, BitTorrent file-sharing technology is legal. Although the technology is legal, how you use it might not be. Whether p2p downloads are illegal or legal depends on which files are being downloaded, who holds the rights to these files and where you are located. Different laws apply to different countries regarding file sharing and copyright issues.

If a user chooses to download files that are copyright protected, whether or not it is illegal will depend on the country’s laws.

Tips on how to torrent safely

The tips below will show you how to torrent safely.

Tip #1 – Take care when choosing your torrent client

Torrent clients range from the simple, straightforward to the extremely powerful. Many clients, e.g. Vuze, have extra features including addons, plugins and extra functionality. These features do however often mean that performance and/or security are sacrificed. [click to continue…]


5 Best Kodi Streaming Addons That Are Completely Legal


Kodi Streaming Addons That Are Completely Legal

Kodi is a free and open source software entertainment hub and media player. Among the many media types that can be used with Kodi, Kodi streaming is one of the most popular. No matter how big or small the device you want to use, or which operating system it works with, you can install Kodi and enjoy hours of entertainment wherever you are.

Kodi can be installed on Windows, OSX, Linux, Android and iOS. It also features a 10-foot user interface that can be used with TVs and remote controls.

Keep all your digital media in one place with this entertainment hub that is open source and 100% free.

Although being open source, Kodi is supported by a huge community and a committed team of volunteers. Extensive Wikis and forums contain a huge knowledge-base with suitable information and help aimed at everyone, from application developers to new users. Kodi can also be customized to get exactly the look and feel you want. View or play Kodi streaming TV, podcasts, music, most videos and many other types of digital media file from the internet and network and local storage.

Pictures and images can be imported to a library and then browsed with different views, or as a slideshow. You can also use a remote control to filter and sort your libraries. Live TV can be watched and recorded easily by using Kodi’s powerful user interface. Numerous back-ends including MythTV, MediaPortal, Tvheadend and NextPVR are supported.

Use the huge range of skins to change the appearance of the interface to suit your taste and needs. Kodi uses a JSON-RPC based remote interface. This enables the use of 3rd party tools, web browsers and remote controls to take Kodi to a level seldom seen in any media player. You can control media any way you want with the support provided for hundreds of CEC-compatible TVs, remote controls, or one of the many Tablet and Smartphone Apps.

How to use Kodi addons

Kodi’s real power comes from the huge selection addons created by user. Once you have installed Kodi, you can download and install whichever add-on you want right from the user interface. Addons will be updates automatically when new versions become available. Kodi has an impressive catalogue and a wide range of different categories for its addons:

  • Context menus
  • Game addons
  • Information providers
  • Libraries
  • Look and feel
  • Lyrics
  • Modules
  • Music addons
  • Picture addons
  • Plugins
  • Program addons
  • Scripts
  • Services
  • Subtitles
  • Video addons
  • Weather
  • Web interface

Video and Audio addons allows internet content to be streamed, the look and feel of the interface can be changed with Skins, Services and Programs contain tools that may be helpful, while Web interfaces are used to control Kodi remotely.

Why you should use a VPN with Kodi

When you download any content from the internet, there is always the danger that there is malware embedded in the download, and this has significant security and privacy risks. With Kodi addons, the ones available in the official repository are vetted before they are released, and the probability that they contain malware is therefor much lower, although it is still not guaranteed.

Even trusted download sources such as Google Play Store occasionally inadvertently release downloads that contain malware, although this happens very rarely. If you do download Kodi addons from any other source, the risk increases exponentially.

Downloading addons from shady sources

Apart from the threat of malware, downloading addons for Kodi from sources other than the official repository could contain illegal, pirated content. Kodi does not allow any addons that uses pirated content to be added to its own repository. Some content has limitations on where and by whom they may be used. One example would be BBC content that may only be viewed by users with a valid TV License residing in the UK.

To protect your computer to snooping and hacking, or malware attacks, and to get access to content that is only available in certain countries, VPN software can be used. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) will protect your data and prevent hackers from seeing usernames, passwords and your internet activity. The VPN will encrypt all data going from and to your device. This will ensure that no one, not even your ISP, will be able to monitor your internet activity. Here are some VPNs that we recommend: NordVPN, ibVPN, PureVPN, ExpressVPN. [click to continue…]


3 Free Firefox VPN/Proxy Addons That Still Work on Firefox 57

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Free Firefox VPN/Proxy Addons - Firefox 57You probably heard about Firefox 57, the complete rebuilt version of the popular browser. Some of the existing VPN and proxy addons are no longer available. This post lists 3 (I wish I could find more) free Firefox VPN/proxy addons that still work on Firefox 57.

How is Firefox 57 different?

Firefox 57 (aka Quantum) was launched on 14th of November 2017 and it was presented to be twice faster and more memory efficient. It represents the result of years of development from the Mozilla team that tried to fix the most of Firefox’s previous problems, such as speed and frequent crashes.

Unfortunately,  the new Firefox architecture comes with a price. The WebExtensions API that is now the backbone for all Firefox addons is not backward compatible. Thus, some of the older addons no longer work on Firefox 57.

What is a Firefox VPN/Proxy addon?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) or a proxy is a solution that changes your public/visible IP address while browsing the Internet. Thus, your browsing data is secured, you are protected against some types of cyber attacks and you are able to unblock certain restricted websites.

As we explained in another post, the term of VPN is not accurate for browser addons or extensions. But, as it is largely used I will continue call them Firefox VPN/Proxy addons.

Free Firefox VPN/Proxy add-ons for Firefox 57 

During the last days I have tested several Firefox VPN/proxy add-ons in order to identified those that are compatible with Firefox 57. Unfortunately, I was only able to identify 3 such add-ons that are free or at least expose a free mode, without signup. Read my findings below.

Hotspot Shield VPN Free Proxy

Hotpot Shield Firefox add-on is exactly the same as the Chrome extension and it works like a charm on Firefox 57. It comes with a lot of extra, security and privacy-related options, like ad blocker, tracker blocker and cookies blocker. The default server selection is “Optimal” but you may switch to manual and pick one of the following countries: Canada, Chile, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, Russia, India, Germany and Singapore.

Hotspot Shield - Free Firefox VPN/Proxy Addon

ibVPN – Best VPN & Proxy

ibVPN Firefox VPN extension is a nice surprise. I use their Windows app on regular basis and I find it extraordinary useful, even though the user interface is not as nice as it could be. The so called Guest Mode of the add-on allows you to enter without signup and connect to servers located in United States, Netherlands, Germany and Singapore. The extension automatically disconnects every 10 minutes and manual re-connection is needed. [click to continue…]


How to Setup Your Raspberry PI VPN Connection

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Raspberry PI is a wonderful device: so simple, yet so powerful and useful. As a regular VPN user you will probably want to setup a VPN connection on your Rasp as well. The process is not trivial, but it can be done without much hassle. Learn how to setup a Raspberry PI VPN.Raspberry PI VPN

What is Raspberry PI?

As you probably know, the Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer that was built to promote the teaching of basic computer science in schools and in developing countries. Since its launch in 2015, it become very popular (more than 12M units sold so far) due to its cost (between $5 and $35), its simplicity and versatility. Raspberry Pi is now the preferred tool for hobbyists, students and even hackers.

What can you do with a Raspberry Pi?

Well, you may use it in any project that involves a small computational unit. You may even use it as a desktop PC.

Are you new to Raspberry PI? Here are 2 articles that may give you an idea what to do next: MakeUseOf – Raspberry Pi Projects for Beginners and LifeHacker – Top 10 Raspberry PI Projects for Beginners.

What is Raspberry PI VPN and why would you need one?

If you are using your Raspberry PI as a desktop computer then you may need a VPN to: secure your Internet connection, protect yourself from hackers or unblock restricted websites.

As expected, due to hardware and software restrictions, you may NOT use Raspberry PI VPN in the same way you use VPN on a regular desktop or laptop.

How to configure Raspberry PI VPN?

This article covers the way you setup a VPN connection on a Raspberry PI, not the way you install a VPN server on your Raspberry PI device. If you are interested in using your device as a VPN server here are some useful article: [click to continue…]

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