How to Block Ads When Using Hotspot Shield

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In a previous post, I presented Hotspot Shield as a great free tool for security and privacy. Moreover, I have shown how to use Hotspot Shield to watch NBC streaming video. Learn how to use Hotspot Shield with no ads. To block HotspotShield ads you need to install the AdBlock add-on.

Hotspot Shield ads

Now, one of the cons of using Hotspot Shield is the annoying ads built into HSS monetization scheme. The problem is the massive box on the top of every page users surfs to as well – completely vanquishing an incredible chunk of screen real-estate. This the reason Hotspot Shield is free. By running ads, AnchorFree is paying for the servers they are using.

Here is how to solve this problem and block HotspotShields ads.

The solution to block HotspotShield ads: run Adblock add-on

First, you should use Firefox or at least use it when browsing using Hotspot Shield. Then download an add-on called Adblock. No need to configure the add-on, it just lodges in place and has a solid, constantly-updated subscription to ad definitions. This solution does not work every time but it’s still very easy to turn the extension on/off via a button in the toolbar.

You can download Adblock extension from here.

Later edit: You may also use the AdBlock extension for Google Chrome.

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Are you using HotspotShield? Do you find the ads annoying? Do you block HotspotShield ads? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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