Beware: New Scam Using Charlie Sheen’s Name

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You probably remember our post about scams on the internet using some famous names to draw your attention. If not, have a look here: BEWARE, a new type of spam. Learn about the “Charlie Sheen Scam”.

Charlie Sheen Death Hoax

A new wave of it is coming your way. If you use internet on the daily basis you must have heard about recent “stunts” performed by Mr. Charlie Sheen. If not just use Google, but be extra careful and remember to use extra precautions (antivirus + firewall + VPN) when visiting those websites (especially if it involves Facebook!)

According to Mashable, “Charlie Sheen Death Hoax Spreads Malware Through Facebook”:

If you’ve been clicking on links and videos about Charlie Sheen‘s alleged death, you’ve been had by the latest social media malware scam.

Several similar headlines have been spreading around Facebook and, to a lesser extent, Twitter. They begin with “RIP!” or “Breaking News” and contain text to the effect that actor Charlie Sheen has died in his house or due to cardiac arrest.

Clicking on these links takes the user to a fake YouTube-clone page, where any click on any part of the screen will begin spreading the scam on the user’s own Facebook profile. Then, the user is asked to complete a survey before viewing the video, which adds a lead-gen layer to the click-jacking scheme. Finally, some folks are reporting being infected with malware after visiting the site, as well.

It’s a triple whammy of a Facebook hoax, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time for users. We’ve been seeing the actor on a social media blitz after his news media meltdown; he’s taken channels such as Twitter and UStream by storm over the past few days.

The scammers behind this malware have without doubt capitalized on Charlie Sheen’s recent insanity-fueled popularity, especially via social media channels. The actor hasn’t yet commented on the hoax publicly; we’re hoping he at least sends a message to fans from his Twitter account.

Charlie Sheen Scam

If you’ve already clicked links like the one above, first, go through your security settings and revoke any access to apps you don’t recall signing up for. Next, go through your profile and delete any spammy posts you may have sent out. (We’ve written in detail about exactly how to deal with Facebook click-jacking scams; a reference that link if you need step-by-step instructions.) Finally, you might want to fire up your antivirus software and make sure your computer isn’t infected.

To the rest of you, safe clicking, and warn your friends about this scam.”

Be careful what you store on the Internet

If you are not careful you may lose all the details of you that are stored on the internet + having your IP (and location) might have an extra value for crooks.

Did you make pictures of your brand new car, painting, etc… to share with your friends? Now “they” now you got it and they know where to look for it!

Remember, disguising your IP while browsing Internet is also a security measure, just as anti-virus software!

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