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Update: Anonymous Forum Buddy is no longer available. Check out other hide IP tools!

Have you been banned from your favorite forum? Anonymous Forum Buddy is the tool you need to be able to post again on any forum.

What is Anonymous Forum Buddy?

Anonymous Forum Buddy is produced by Privacy-Pro and it is basically an Internet Explorer toolbar that hides your IP address. Thus you can mask your real IP address and ‘replace’ it with one of US, UK, Netherlands, Germany or Ireland.

In order to get started, you have to download Anonymous Forum Buddy from Privacy-Pro site. The installation is very simple. No need for special assistance. You’ll be asked to close all IE windows during installation.

How to use it?

After the installation is completed, open an Internet Explorer and activate the toolbar:

Anonymous forum buddy
In order to start browsing with another IP click Enable button and choose a proxy. The proxy will be automatically tested and if it is ok you are done.
Anonymous Forum Buddy Enabled

Premium proxies for Anonymous Forum Buddy

To check your new IP press “Check IP” button or go to site.

Get unbanned on any forum

If your IP is changed you can try accessing your favorite forum. You will have to create a new account if your old account was banned. Your new IP should do the trick. If it doesn’t you should delete your cookies (Tools -> Internet Options -> General -> Browser History -> Delete cookies), change your IP and try again.

The most important disadvantage of this tool is that it does work only on Internet Explorer as it is an Internet Explorer toolbar, but it is still a useful tool to get yourself unbanned from any forum.

If you are using other browsers and you want to get access to a forum you have been banned on, you should try Google Chrome extensions or Firefox add-ons. They are basically doing the same job.

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