Anonymous Browsing: So, You Thought You Are Invisible?

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Anonymous Browsing - Are you invisible?

So, did you really think so? Did you think that only “authorities” and certain agencies could find who you are, what you do, what is your IP, etc… etc… Is there such thing as anonymous browsing?

Well, if this is the case I got some really bad news for you:


In a moment you will get to the link that will show you just how illusory anonymity is in the internet, how almost any one can see in you are using torrent networks (and others), what stuff  do you download, what is you computer stamp.

Even if your IP is dynamic one this is not a problem. With such a clear proof  of “an unspeakable crime” you will be marked for termination. Your ISP will have no choice but to open its records and supply the name (and address) for to the presented IP address.

Anonymous browsing? … Sorry, you have been caught!

Or, maybe do you want to know if (and what) your friends are downloading (hint: IP address can be found in e-mail message -> use google to find out “How to…”). Site we link to is just for show but we hope it will help you realize just how visible in reality you are.

Now, go to: – and have fun! 😉 Do you still think VPN’s and Proxies are not for you?

PS: Congratulations to authors of the site for the whole idea! Awesome Guys!

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