How to Anonymize BitTorrent Transfers with BTGuard

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According to TorrentFreak you can anonymize your activities and BitTorrent transfers by connecting through BTGuard. Learn how to anonymize BitTorrent transfers with BTGuard.

What is BTGuard?

BTGuard is a proxy service that acts as an intermediate between you and BitTorrents servers. It reroutes all your BitTorrent traffic through servers in Canada. This means that anyone who connects to you via BitTorrent will see BTGuard’s IP, and not yours.

Anonymize BitTorrent Transfers with BTGuard

BTGuard is a paid service. For $6.95 a month you can use BTGuard to hide your IP address from other downloaders and from your ISP.

How does it work?

BTGuard works differently than some other similar services as it does not VPN your entire Internet connection. You simply configure your BitTorrent client to route through their servers, so it will only affect your BitTorrent downloads.

To sum up, BTGuard seems to be the ideal solution to anonymize your transfers through BitTorrent.

BTGuard alternatives

If you are looking to protect your online identity while downloading torrents and you are not happy with BTGuard, you should know that there are alternatives. Probably the handiest solution is by using a VPN.

By connecting to a VPN server your IP address is hidden and the traffic is encrypted. The additional benefit is that your ISP can not see that you are downloading torrents. It is important to notice that not all VPN services accept torrent traffic (and there are no free torrent VPN services) due to heavy bandwidth usage and the abuse complaints issued by different organizations. In order to find out more info about VPN services that accept torrent traffic take a look at the following article: 7 VPN Services To Anonymize Your P2P & Torrent Traffic.

Another solution to hide your IP while using torrent apps is by using SOCKS5 proxies.

Have you used BTGuard? Are you using a VPN or SOCKS5 proxies? Share your experience! Let us know how you anonymize BitTorrent transfers. Post a comment below!

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  • Toby Jan 21, 2012

    There are very mixed reviews for btguard. Know that there is no service whatsoever. Questions will not be answered. Some reviews say it is a scam. If you use it with a mac you have to use vuze as your bittorrent program. with a pc utorrent is okay. I am currently using it with a pc and it doesn’t seem to slow things.

  • Alex Solomotis Jun 11, 2012

    I cannot seem to connect with Vuse. No matter what I do i get a (socket exception:socket refused).
    any advice?

  • HideIP Admin Jun 12, 2012

    @Alex Solomotis – Try to contact their support, it seems to be an issue with their servers.

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