Access USA Netflix Even If You’re In Canada

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Netflix is a US-based provider of on-demand video streaming media (Internet TV or movies) in the United States, Latin America, United Kingdom, and now, in Canada. Learn how to access USA Netflix.

Netflix in Canada

A lot of folks from Canada were ecstatic when they heard about the news. Finally, Netflix – the world-renown TV and movie streaming provider on the Internet has reached the Canadian soil!

Access USA Netflix

However, their happiness was short-lived as it appears that the Netflix subscription in Canada offers a lot less interesting TV shows and movie line-ups as opposed to their US predecessor. Now, the public demands access to Netflix USA instead.

Don’t you worry, because we have figured out a way for you to access both USA and Canadian Netflix content conveniently in just one account.

How Netflix account works

Ever since Netflix made its way into the Latin America region, they have since changed the way a Netflix account functions. Currently, a Netflix account is universal and the sole aspect that determines the content you can access is your geographical location. What does it imply? It simply means, you may now log on to your Netflix account whenever visiting family and relatives in the US nonetheless, rather than watching Canadian movies and TV shows. You get to watch Netflix USA!

Use VPN to access USA Netflix

This is exactly the new perks and privileges afforded to you by your Netflix account which you can use for your overall viewing pleasure with the aid of VPN’s help.

So, how can I do it while am in Canada? Easy. By simply installing a small app called VPN on your computer or portable device, you can now fake your current location and have Netflix suppose you are located in the USA. This way, you can conveniently have easy access to the USA Netflix content wherever and whenever you want.

A USA VPN is very easy to install and utilize, and you simply select where exactly in the USA you want to be found. You can likewise undergo a speed test to ascertain the specific server that has the fastest speed based upon your geographic positioning in Canada.

Plenty of good VPN providers

Many of the top-notch VPN providers can help you appear to be in the US so you can access USA Netflix media and content.

Although a lot of VPN services has not developed applications designed for handheld devices, all you need to have is your account credentials once registered so you can use it manually on any portable device. Thus, you can enjoy US media and content to the fullest with the aid of VPN and your Netflix account.

To sum up …

Thankfully there are reliable VPN services on the web. Now, enjoy Netflix USA content anytime, while in Canada, or anywhere in the world!

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