25+ Proxies to Unblock Facebook

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A Facebook proxy is a website that helps you log in and visit other Facebook sites without leaving traces of your URL. This way you will maintain your safety and privacy while browsing anonymously.

A good Facebook proxy allows you to:

1. Quickly access the Facebook site
2. Access the advanced featured without compromising your privacy
3. Use the member features anonymously

Why use a Facebook proxy?

You can use a Facebook proxy to visit other Facebook sites and find out information on other members without compromising your privacy. Using such proxies you can even chat with other members.

Another reason would be related to the fact that most schools use firewalls that block access to Facebook. A Facebook proxy bypasses the firewalls and lets you access all the features of the Facebook site, all this without compromising your privacy.

25+ Facebook proxies

Here is a list of 25+ Facebook proxies tested by us. For each proxy, you can see the IP address of the hosting server and the location. Enjoy!

Later edit: all selected proxies are now outdated or offline. You may choose other hide IP tools instead of proxies.

If you know good Facebook proxies please share them with us in the comments below.

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  • raac Feb 11, 2010

    Hola… Este es el mejor metodo que he encotrado para desbloquear cualquier pagina..

    Es un addon de firefox llamado “autoproxy”, para buscarlo abren elnavegador firefox –> herramientas –> complementos –> agregar complemento –> (en la barra de busqueda que sale colocan “autoproxy”)–> buscar –> (en la lista de resultados sale “autoproxy” con un logo rojo en letras chinas) –> agregar a firefox –> reiniciar firefox –> y listo..!

    Cuando reinicien firefox les va a salir una ventana pequeña que es del addon, le dan aceptar y ya..!! Si quiere desactivar “autoproxy” van a: herramientas –> complemetos –> extenciones –> seleccionan “autoproxy” –> deshabilitar –> reiniciar firefox.

    Aqui tambien lo pueden conseguir:

    si les funciona avisen… xD

  • Erwin Sep 3, 2010

    You may use Vpnatchina.com you should spend a little money for this.
    but i thinks its more secure than you use a free proxy …
    the vpnatchina is use an OPENVPN. so it has a high data enscryptions.

  • Roddy Sep 22, 2010

    I use 12vpn, also a paid service because free proxies aren’t really secure or fast. I woudn’t be surprised if most of these links are broken or monitored by now…

  • Sarah Lee Nov 3, 2011

    Using a proxy only lets you access blocked websites on your browser. A VPN will let you access the internet completely through an overseas server. So that applications like TweetDeck can work.

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