2,300 Websites Blocked in Thailand


What is going on there? Is the Thai government shutting down all websites that share info/opinions different from the official ones? Learn about the websites blocked in Thailand.

Thai authorities have blocked 2,300 websites for allegedly insulting the country’s monarchy and are waiting for court approval to restrict a further 400, the country’s government said today.

Websites blocked in Thailand

The blocking of websites that disseminate content and pictures which insult the monarchy is one of the government’s crucial policies,” Information and Communication (ICT) minister Ranongruk Suwanchawee said in a statement.

We have blocked more than 2,300 websites. We are preparing to ask for court approval to shut down an additional 400 sites and will amend the … law to increase powers of ICT officials as soon as parliament reopens,” she said.

The ministry had spent 45 million baht (AU$1.78 million) to buy equipment for a round-the-clock “war room” targeting inappropriate websites, Ranongruk said.

Solution: Use a Thai proxy or Thailand VPN.

Source: ZDNet Australia

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