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Later edit: FBVPN is no longer available. You should look for other hide IP tools.

FBVPN GiveawayFBVPN.com, a premium VPN service that offers both Personal VPN and Business VPN solutions, gives away 100 free accounts for the readers of How-to-hide-ip.

FBVPN main features

Here is a short description of the main benefits of an FBVPN account:

– By using FBVPN services is that you can enjoy the use of a US IP address wherever you are, being able to browse the Internet in the same way as someone in the US.

– Beyond blocked services, more and more countries are engaging in Internet censorship or monitoring Internet users. FBVPN services will ensure full, anonymous, and uncensored access to the Internet.

– Just like your ISP, search engines record every search you do and tie it to your IP address. These searches can be stored indefinitely. With FBVPN service, only the VPN IP address will be captured, not yours.

The price starts at $9.9/month for the Personal VPN and you get access to servers located in the United States.

How to get a free FBVPN Giveaway 1 Month Account

We have 100 FBVPN giveaway free accounts for the lucky readers of How-to-hide-ip. The accounts are valid for 1 month with unlimited usage/bandwidth.

To enter the contest all you have to do is to leave a comment below to this post an answer to the following question: Why do you need a VPN account?

Make sure you enter a valid e-mail address. The first 100 commentators will receive a free account.

Important! Do not comment more than once! If you enter multiple comments using different email addresses is not acceptable either.


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  • Boro Jun 20, 2011

    I need VPN acc to simply hide my privacy.

  • 贱党伪也 Jun 20, 2011

    oh,only one month,haha,yet not bad,
    for bypass the Great Chinternet’s Harmony

  • Chris Jun 20, 2011

    Great offer! I need a VPN because I don’t trust my ISP.

  • zebr4f4lke Jun 20, 2011

    I need a VPN to watch american online-TV-channels.

  • Barda Jun 20, 2011

    i hide my ip. i want be anonymous.

  • vince Jun 20, 2011

    Recently my country banned major file sharing site like MU,FS,DF, Pirate Bay, Putlocker and many more. Have no choice but need VPN in this case.

    I think it is better FBVPN to emulate CyberGhost VPN, provide longer trial period ( even up to 1 year ) and accumulative for every promo and giveaways , but limit the usage quota instead ( 10-20 GB/month seem reasonable ). This would be more beneficial.

    If only 1 month trial, most people would not bother to take the trouble to setup and register…….unless they are desperate.

  • vhick Jun 20, 2011

    I need a VPN account to access some site that cannot access to my country. Moreover, can provide some features like hide my privacy, speed, and reliable connections.

  • Goo Jun 20, 2011

    Try your luck I can get this gift

  • Mss Kos Jun 20, 2011

    Hide IP services This is what I really need hope to get

  • Mayur Jun 21, 2011

    I need it for Increase my privacy & for surfing securely on Internet….!
    Count me in for giveaway…!

  • aytien Jun 21, 2011

    Thank you. Count me in for giveaway…!

  • herobynight7777 Jun 21, 2011

    I need a VPN account. Thank you. Count me in for giveaway…!

  • Suresh Jun 21, 2011

    I need a VPN account. Count me in for giveaway.

  • CprlClegg Jun 21, 2011

    I would like to experience the internet like it should be, regardless of where I am in the world.

  • doctor nader Jun 21, 2011

    I need VPN account to access many blocked services in my country such “VOIP” also to hide my privacy.

  • lyhpsp Jun 21, 2011

    I need a VPN account.,there is a”Great Firewall “in our country……

  • phobos Jun 21, 2011

    i live in the country with very high level internet censorship.even i can’t access to this site,because this site is blocked by my government and therefore i had to use vpn service for accessing this site and send a comment.
    i hope be a winner.i need these vpn services for passing limitations.
    Best Regards,

  • Uok Jun 21, 2011

    This is really a beautiful gift it is important to protect privacy

  • Jay Mehta Jun 21, 2011

    I need A very Good VPN service
    I have never Tried FBVPN
    I used Cyberghost VPN
    I like to be anonymous on web

  • klaba Jun 21, 2011

    to fight against hadopi because france is against freedom
    it’s fachist with sarkozy!

  • john Jun 21, 2011

    I need VPN acc to simply hide my privacy.

  • Mson Jun 21, 2011

    FBVPN blessing FBVPN.com this is an excellent gift invisible protection

  • Friedel Jun 21, 2011

    I’m a frequent traveller and usually i’m in Countries where censorship is an issue hence VPN’s are the best way to stay in touch with things going on back home.

  • lee Jun 21, 2011

    very good ,i’d like have a trail

  • user91 Jun 21, 2011

    I need one to access US only sites like pandora, last.fm and to protect my privacy online

  • Jeff Jun 21, 2011

    Count me in.


  • saleh Jun 21, 2011

    i need vpn for free enternit in iran

  • freelibris Jun 21, 2011

    I think China goes very well with VPN, so I need one… or two (in case you have to many ;-).

  • myimmortalize Jun 21, 2011

    I want protect my privacy online …Count me in please…

  • L K Jun 21, 2011

    I need to protect the hidden gifts

  • shady Jun 21, 2011

    i need a vpn to increase my connection speed ,, because the service provider limited it

  • Marty Jun 21, 2011

    I want to hide my privacy and stop search engine from spying on me. Give me back my privacy!

  • Martin Jun 22, 2011

    I need a vpn account to help protect me when I’m using a wifi hotspot (eg at McDonalds), which I often do when working out on the road.

  • laxman Jun 22, 2011

    i need to open many us only site to do my school project.
    but the problem is i can’t open and i can’t do my school project.
    please help me to complete my project.

  • Bimbim Jun 22, 2011

    I badly need a VPN account so I can help my daughter on her research.

  • Sanket Jun 22, 2011

    Hello Sir I need a vpn because I want to protect my privacy on internet and access any site on the web which my ISP blocked.

  • mohammad jameel Jun 22, 2011

    thank you very much for this great donation…
    i need an account because in my country syria many sites are blocked or very slow such as facebook & youtube.. and also google blogs is blocked… so i want to open them..
    hoping you a great business in the future on the net…
    God bless you…

  • Master Jun 22, 2011

    Since the internet restrications are more harder by ISP s all over world we need to hide over actual identity to surf even a normally blocked site

  • marco Jun 22, 2011

    cause there’s nazi spies in my country

  • endokryne Jun 22, 2011

    am in pls

  • Diane2k1 Jun 23, 2011

    because I’m not very comfortable about Big Brother being bigger and bigger…

  • Daniel Jun 23, 2011

    I need the vpn to have privacy and to run a server that would need me to change ports in my routing systems withc would comprimise my security otherwise

  • cena Jun 23, 2011

    i need vpn to unblock sites that are banned in china

  • Jeremy Jun 23, 2011

    Awesome! I can finally access hulu

  • ss Jun 23, 2011


  • tackrik Jun 23, 2011

    i need a vpn account ,please count me in.

  • Luther Morris Jun 24, 2011

    I need a VPN to use my voip and access many blocked websites.

  • cypher Jun 25, 2011

    most vpns are not that strong hope these would be good

  • john Jun 25, 2011

    I want to have one,thanks!
    It is a great giveaway.
    I need it to hide my ip,and access the website which ISP blocked.

  • Gabriel Jun 26, 2011

    Hello, i need a premium account to access websites my ISP is blocking me from having access to. Vital information like the content over at info wars.com or prisonplanet.com i cannot access through my ISP (virgin media). Please can you help me? I would genuinely love an account!

    Thank you!!

  • Clarence Jun 26, 2011

    i need VPN to bypass firewall and circumvent censorship..

  • Iaimy Jun 27, 2011

    I need VPN acc to simply hide my privacy & VPN can bypass firewall and circumvent censorship.. Thanks FBVPN!

  • yalcin Jun 27, 2011

    I think, vpn is necessary. Very nice gift

  • Bunty DUGGAL Jun 27, 2011

    Hi. Iwould like to get this VPN account

  • Munze Jun 28, 2011

    I need VPN to protect my privacy.

  • Zer00ne Jun 28, 2011

    I am suspicious of Comcast. On numerous occasions, they have done some underhanded things like having Sandvine stifling Bittorrent traffic, traffic shaping, TCP resets, etc… So I’m pretty sure they are violating our privacy somehow, it’s just they haven’t been caught yet.

  • John Jun 28, 2011

    Could you please give me vpn account ?

    Thank in advance,

  • John Jun 28, 2011


    I need VPN account to protect my privacy 🙂

  • chuck Jun 28, 2011


  • SAM Jul 4, 2011

    I do you need a VPN account Bcoz,
    1.Since I am a lucky reader of How-to-hide-ip.info.
    2.I Need a Reliable service.
    3.I respect others privacy so in return i Expect mine too.
    4.I want to be a viewer of U.S since many of the sites can be access only through U.S.
    5.I want to be anonymous since I already stated the need of my Privacy.
    6.looking for a faster and better VPN service since you provide one.
    And the LAST reason ,
    7.I want to enjoy and experience the freedom of Internet with knowing that there is no one tracking me or keeping my logs for a long time and then misusing it.
    So Plese consider me for the giveaway

  • PalomaFaith Jul 4, 2011

    I need it to access netflix that is annoyingly blocked everytime i’m out of the country

  • jack Jul 5, 2011

    I need a VPN to protect my privacy

  • sanamaulite Jul 5, 2011

    @Jeremy – please help me with a vpn please please

  • sanamaulite Jul 5, 2011

    @Jay Mehta – hello can u help me with ur cyber ghost account i like to use cyber ghost

  • Deny Jul 6, 2011

    I want it because I want to hide me on the web. Thanks

  • Cassi Jul 18, 2011

    I need vpn to unblock the skype

  • Zer00ne Jul 31, 2011

    Thank you, HTHI Staff 🙂 FBVPN is an excellent VPN service, it’s so stable that I often forget that I’m using VPN. Unfortunately, that is not the case with all VPNs I have used in the past. With other VPNs, I had to stop using it when my browsing would bog down. With FBVPN, I never have to sacrifice security or speed, thanks again guys.

  • ava Dec 1, 2011

    2 hide my ass

  • Downtown James Brown Dec 6, 2011

    I just moved to China to teach English for a year. While trying to get to some of my regular sites to watch my favorite tv shows I encounter the Great Firewall of China which does not allow it I hope to get a VPN server soon that is not blocked by China so I can go back to Beavis and Butthead and Supernatural.

  • Frchko Dec 12, 2011

    Have someone tried this portable software called SterJo Portable Firewall FREE?
    I want about the software.

    Thank you

  • trainman261 Dec 18, 2011

    I need VPN because here, in Canada, legislation is being passed to legitimate spying on internet users, basically violating my right to privacy. VPN will give me that privacy back.

  • Vache Jan 13, 2012

    Because i live in syria and all vpns are blocked except sstp vps so plzz

  • aditya Mar 3, 2012

    I always wanted to use a vpn , may be this is the right place to request. iam bit annoyed with this privacy issue

  • aeh Jun 30, 2012

    is this offer still valid?

  • chen Jan 9, 2017

    I need a vpn to visit the usa website ,such as facebook ,youbute.

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